ObjetsObjects is dedicated to bringing you the very finest in domestic and rural objects for the home.  The focus of the line is on 18th and 19th century objects with special emphasis on hearth and home as well as garden and wine cellar.  Antique copper, iron, brass, wood, and faience objects are well represented in the collection.   Claire Schlesser comes from a family of antique collectors.  After collecting antiques for many years, she decided in 2002 to focus her energies on her passion and established ObjetsObjects.  Her in depth knowledge of decorative arts along with their associated socio-cultural history in the European and early American periods is reflected in the passion she shows in presenting her items.  With a discriminating eye, well developed resources, and knowledge, she offers the ability to search and find that special object. 

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Always adding new items to The Kitchen Life, The Home Life, The Good Life and The Rural Life. There are some lovely terrines and moulds in The Kitchen Life. Please have a look and as always if you have any questions or would like additional photograghs, please let us know!

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Welcome to ObjetsObjects!
On the following pages you will find many antique objects for the kitchen, the home, the outdoors and of course l'art de vivre where you can browse our corkscrews and wine related objects, many of which we have gathered on our frequent travels to Europe. 
We hope that you will share the same passion for these objects as we do.
The website is an on-going work in progress.  I am always adding new items, so please check back as often as possible.
On the "Contact Us" page we explain everything you need to know about ordering or how to contact us with questions. 
Please check the  "Site Updates" page frequently to find out if we are setting up at any local markets or away on a buying trip. We will try and keep you informed.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.  And of course if you require additional photograghs of any of the objects offered, please ask!

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